Jobs, Hobbies, and Well Roundedness?

Perhaps I'm reading far too much in a beer commercial, but the Mich Ultra commercials really, really piss me off. They follow the typical trope that jobs are jobs and personal life is personal life, and never shall the twain meet.

I call bullshit. I might not like doing the fiddly things (forms, etc) my job has, I really love my job. And I love what I do at my job: write software. I love it so much, I do it as a hobby. I was doing it before it was my job. I was doing it before I went to college.

I don't feel the need to fill my time with activities to forget my job and what I do. I do fill my time with other activities besides coding, but not because I wish to escape my job, but because I guy with myopia and astigmatism shouldn't look at a monitor too much.

To all those who are unlucky to not do such a thing, you have some of my empathy. Just stop looking down your damn nose at me as I kill an evening writing code while you're out trying to forget your day at the bar, alright?

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